I incorporated Integrated Data, Inc. an Illinois corporation. I provided custom solutions requiring design, programming and delivery of turn-key systems for business and engineering. With an MBA in finance it was a natural for me to become one of the first VARs in the Chicago area providing affordable multi-user general ledger accounting systems to CPA's, running on microcomputer based Unix systems as well as medical billing. I did a lot of application programming in Visual Basic using databases. Contracts included database conversions from one system to another.

With my background as an engineer it was logical to branch into CAD graphics and became a VAR for Computervision. There's no better way to learn how to draw in vector format than CAD. Satisfied clients include Xerox Corporation, Chicago Board of Trade, The University of Chicago, as well as many small, medium and large companies.

In 1998 with the internet growing in popularity I combined my technical knowledge with systems and database with my graphics and photographic experience to create websites.