In 1995 I bought one of the first civilian Hummers. At the time there were no sources available for owners to get questions about repairs, maintenance and accessories answered. I got involved in an early newsletter and mailing list. Since I'm an engineer and have been working on cars since I was a kid, I was able to answer many questions. It turned out that many of the same questions kept coming up over and over so I started collecting my answers and pasting them into new emails. Every time I sent one out I cleaned it up a bit until I had a collection of polished articles.

This was a stepping stone to my first web page in 1998. When I was able to post my articles and combine them with pictures things really took off. People started to actually listen to what I was saying. I started to sell parts to support the site. In 2005 I started writing the technical column for the nationally published Ultimate Hummer Magazine.

My pet peeve has always been poor directions. I had nothing but trouble in elementary school and high school math. I finally realized that the teachers knew their subject so well that they just assumed everyone knew all the 'in between' steps. The same seems to be true of most assembly instructions I come across. They leave out steps, don't identify the parts, don't have photographs or clear photographs or are just plain unorganized. I decided that the articles and directions I'd write would be the most comprehensive and best that could be. I wouldn't leave out anything. So if you need someone to write directions for your product let me know.